Annual Review

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The Boys’ Brigade continues to play a significant role in the mission and outreach of 1500 churches throughout the British Isles. Each week dedicated adult volunteers work with over 50,000 children and young people building positive relationships seeking to share the Gospel in a relevant and meaningful way.

The 2010/11 session saw the retirement of Sir Kenneth Calman KCB as Brigade President. Sir Kenneth had served with distinction for four years and here he reflects on his time in office.

“The adventure starts here! That was the message that greeted me when I became President a few years ago. What I didn’t realise was that it was about me too! And what and adventure it has been. As well as being both an honour and a privilege, it has been great fun and a real adventure. I have met wonderful officers and young people, with their friends and families who continue to work for The Boys’ Brigade across the world.

I was born (a long time ago!) within a few miles of where William Alexander Smith set up the first BB company in 1883. My father, uncle, cousins, and my son have all been involved, as has been my wife. She was the leader of a Junior Section in Glasgow and a National Training Officer. I suppose it’s in my genes..

Over the last few years I have seen how the Brigade has changed and developed, and it’s not for the first time that the Uniform has changed. I still have my pill box and haversack. There is so much more for members to do, yet it still retains its purpose; the promotion of habits of obedience reverence, disciple and selfrespect, and all that tends towards true Christian manliness.”

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