Section Programmes

The Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association provides four different programmes for four different age ranges:

The Anchors programme is designed for 5-8 year olds. Activities from the programme range from team games to cooking. The five main focuses are Body, Mind, Creativity, Community and Spirit. The Badges that can be achieved through taking part in the programme are Green, Red and Blue plus an award for years of attendance.

The Juniors programme is aimed at 8-11 year olds. Badges are awarded for again by taking part in the programme. The main focuses of the programme is the same as Anchors, but more activities suitable for their age group. The Badges that can be achieved are Target, Bronze, Silver and Gold, plus an award for years of attendance, following on from the Anchors.

The Discover programme is aimed at 11-15 year olds. The format changes and is based around Recreation, Community and Skills as the core, with chances of obtaining four grades of badges in each, as well as the Discover Badge, an award for years of attendance (following on from Anchors and Juniors) and the President’s Badge, the 2nd highest award in the Boys’ Brigade. There is also cross over and the chance to achieve the Duke of Edinburgh Award at Bronze level.

Challenge Plus is the final programme of the BB/GA. With focus on Recreation, Community and Skills, young people choose and instigate work on projects or challenges to work towards the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards and an award for years of attendance (following on from Anchors, Juniors and Discover). The programme also enables young people to achieve other awards, such as the Young Volunteer Award (Bronze, Silver and Gold), the Duke of Edinburgh awards at Silver and Gold level and The Queen’s Badge, the highest and most prestigious award that can be achieved.


There are many ways to volunteer in The Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association in North Staffordshire. Firstly, there are many companies where you could volunteer your time and be a leader. Our companies benefit from having leaders of various ages, genders and life experiences, as well as bringing in new and different ideas and skills. With the chance to learn new skills and work with young people, there is also the opportunity to receive training to become a qualified leader of The BB/GA and also achieve a NVQ Level 2 in either Play Work or Youth Work.


The Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association was founded as a movement that would seek “The Advancement of Christ’s Kingdom.” As part of the object then, Christian values are placed at the centre of the BB/GA and it is an essential part of our work with children and young people, to support and mentor them and provide support to look after their Spiritual wellbeing. We believe that prayer is a fundamental part of our daily Christian lives, where we speak to God and tell him of our struggles, triumphs and ‘the desires of our hearts’ (Psalm 37:4) as well as taking the time to listen to what God might be trying to say and do. It is important that we continually pray for the BB/GA, and that all of our work is supported by prayer.

We ask that you would pray:
  • That the Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association in North Staffordshire will continue to grow
  • For all involved with the BB/GA as they carry out their roles.
  • That new supporters through prayer and financial giving will come forward
  • For new leaders and young people to start attending the companies in North Staffordshire