Section Programmes

The Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association provides four different programmes for four different age ranges:

“Fun, friends and competition”
The Anchors programme is designed for 5-8 year olds– school years 1-3. Activities from the programme range from team games to cooking. The five main focuses are Body, Mind, Creativity, Community and Spirit. The Badges that can be achieved through taking part in the programme are Green, Red and Blue plus an award for years of attendance.

“Get ready to reach new heights”
The Juniors programme is aimed at 8-11 year olds – school years 4-6. Badges are awarded for again by taking part in the programme. The main focuses of the programme is the same as Anchors, but more activities suitable for their age group. The Badges that can be achieved are Target, Bronze, Silver and Gold, plus an award for years of attendance, following on from the Anchors. Juniors lets you have fun, make new friends, enjoying a mixture of new activities and to try out new things. We will give you the chance to find out more about yourself and your talents; the freedom to get to know and work with other people your age and to have the chance to learn more about the area you live in. Within the North Staffs Battalion a number of Junior Sections have “Greenpower” electric cars (Goblin cars) and each year take teams to the annual “Gathering of Goblins” event at the Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit.

“Discover your skills and discover the future.”
The Company section in The Boys Brigade runs the “Discover Programme” which is for those aged 11-15 – school years 7-10. Discover lets you find and learn new skills and allows you to make your own decisions and achieve your own personal goals. Activities range from improving your football skills, to creating pod-casts. Discover helps you take on more of a role within your BB Company, and gives you the freedom to explore new possibilities. Within the Company Section there is also the opportunity to be working towards the Boys’ Brigade President’s Badge and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze and Silver Awards.

“Challenge your potential Expand your horizons”

In our Seniors section you will be involved in the The Boys’ Brigade Challenge Plus Programme which is for those aged 15-18 – school years 11-13. It is about you planning and delivering your own agenda. There are a wide range of topics for you to choose from; you can become actively involved in your community, take up an exercise or sport and develop those key life skills that will assist you. You can create your own projects or take on challenges that will ultimately test you and drive you to succeed and prepare you for the world outside of the BB/GA. Within the Seniors programme there is the opportunity to be working towards the Boys’ Brigade Queen’s Badge and the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.